Gamayun, bird of things, Vasnetsov – description of the painting

Description of the picture:

Gamayun, a prophetic bird – Viktor Mikhailovich Vasnetsov. 1897. Oil on canvas. Two hundred x 150
The composition of the picture is emphasized decorative and refined. On a thin, gracefully curved branch of a tree sits a fantastic bird with a female face of rare beauty. The seal of longing is on it – omniscience takes away all the spiritual strength of Gamayun. She portends a storm, the first impulses of which are already developing her luxurious plumage.

A fairy-tale character – Gamayun, a prophetic bird – came to the work of Vasnetsov from ancient Slavic legends. She was considered a bird of Veles, one of the gods of the pantheon of Slavic peoples. Gamayun knows everything and can predict the future, but this secret will only be revealed to the initiated.

The color scheme of the picture is simple and rich at the same time. The background image of a magic bird is an endless space of a golden ocher hue, which makes one imagine a sunset over endless expanses. The plumage of Gamayun combines blue-black and golden feathers with a pronounced reddish tint, as if blood had been caked on them.

The delicately traced silhouette of the bird echoes the fancy twists of the tree branches. All together, this gives dynamism to a static image – the viewer thinks that from the picture the wind blows and the rustle of feathers of the legendary creature is clearly audible.