Nymph Callisto on the chariot of Jupiter, Baldassar Peruzzi

Description of the picture:

Nymph Callisto on the chariot of Jupiter – Baldassare Peruzzi. About one thousand five hundred and eleven
This is one of the frescoes painted by the artist in 1511-1512. on the arches of the former open loggia of the Villa Farnesina in Rome, built and decorated according to the design of Peruzzi. Other parts of the vault depict complex astrological scenes, and are believed to collectively serve as the horoscope of Agostino Chigi, the owner of the villa. Part of the vault of the villa is painted by Raphael – the fresco of Triumph Galatea.

The fragment shows Callisto, rushing on a golden chariot through the starry sky. Two bulls are driven in a chariot, and putti, representing the winds, peep out of the cloud. There is an assumption that the picture has a certain astrological meaning: the bull means the zodiac constellation Taurus, ascending through the constellation Ursa Major, whose symbol is Callisto (placed it in the sky Jupiter, after Juno turned her into a bear).