Parting, Edward Munch, 1896

Description of the picture:

Parting – Edward Munch. 1896. Oil on canvas. 96,5×127
Parting is a small death. Conventional expression perfectly describes the plot of this picture. A man is experiencing difficulties, a woman triumphs. Most likely, the author offers the public a situation experienced by himself.

The woman in the light, on the contrary, exudes confidence and determination. Her dress continues on the sandy shore, and her hair, caught in the wind, is ready to scatter black clouds. Interestingly, the female figure is completely devoid of individual traits. This is a generalized image, on the contrary, a man is individual.

Men’s physical suffering. Clinging feverishly to that area of ​​the chest where the heart is located, he is mortally pale. On the contrary, the blood-red spot at the man’s legs, like the one appearing around the arm, illustrates pain and anxiety. Black spots around a lifeless tree are a symbol of emotional death.

The difference in the perception of the gap by the author is interpreted as unhappiness for a man and a new opportunity for a woman.

The tendency of the master is obvious and is due to personal life experience.

The color scheme of the picture is stingy, but organic and conveys an atmosphere of tension and a depressing component of the plot of the work.