Edward Munch, Vampire, 1893

Fear and horror give way to passion, and the heavy and oppressive atmosphere miraculously changes color. A similar duality is characteristic of several works of the master. The eternal struggle of opposites always attracted the artist, who thus tried to deal with his own fears and secret desires. It is known that the artist directed this work for a long time, he invited his friend to pose, and he called a professional model.
The heroine glanced predatoryly at the neck of her limp victim. A thick atmosphere of horror is filled with work. Paints are chosen with a taste for their own fears and complexes. True, the first impression is short-lived. The viewer gradually changes his attitude to the plot. With a careful examination of the picture, we can only see the strong hugs of a couple in love.

Description of the picture:

Vampire – Munch. 1893. Oil on canvas. 91×109 The artist’s eternal fear of women received his highest expression in this picture. Bright red hair – a clear hint of blood – flows down to the unfortunate victim.

The picture angle was found quickly. Obviously, on the canvas in front of us appears one of the nightmares of the artist.

The plot of the work was so important for the author that the work was done in several copies, one of which was recently stolen from the gallery, however, soon enough the work returned to the museum.