“Melancholy”, Edward Munch – description of the painting

The work is closely related to other works of the author. In particular, we see the same facial expression in the hero in the early version of “Scream”. The master used similar images in the paintings “Ashes”, “Vampire”. Finally, Munch has another picture with the same name – in this work, the author portrayed his sister, who at that time was in a psychiatric hospital.

The painting “Melancholy” is a landmark work for the artist Edward Munch. It was in this painting that the style was clearly defined, the author’s style “crystallized”, the distinctive features of which were clear contours, an expressive line with deliberate simplification of forms, gloomy character and … mystery. This mystery, understatement, allegory and attracts the viewer to the paintings of Munch, forcing to carefully examine and think a lot.

The viewer sees a rocky landscape – on the shore of the Oslo Fjord, a young man sits. The artist showed us only his face, but it is very expressive and emotional – eyebrows frowned so that they almost fell over the eyes, lips are gathered in a thin line, the head holds the hand. A man is immersed in very sad thoughts.

The painter depicted Jappe Nielson, a close friend of Munch. At this time, Yappe was connected with a complex relationship that ended in an unfortunate ending with Oda Krog, the wife of a famous artist. It is interesting that at the exhibition in Oslo, where the work was exhibited, Oda’s husband, Christian Krog, praised the painting, although it is known that he knew that the painting depicts his wife’s lover. It is worth noting that not everyone admired the work of Munch. One of the critics called Yappe from the picture “Melancholy” “smoked sausage”, while others simply complained that Munk was not perfecting his canvases, leaving many sections not filled with color.

Description of the picture:

Melancholy – Edward Munch. 1892. Oil on canvas. Sixty four x ninety six cm