Poplar, Claude Monet, one thousand eight hundred ninety-two – description of the painting

Description of the picture:

Poplar – Claude Monet. 1892. Oil on canvas. 116.2×72.2 cm
Claude Monet wrote the famous series of “Poplar” all spring and summer one thousand eight hundred and ninety-one years. A meticulous and unhurried observer, Monet often created series – “Rouen Cathedral”, “Boulevard of Capuchin”, “Water Lilies”, where he sought to catch the unsteady changes associated with the change of weather, time of day. Monet dreamed that the whole series was exhibited simultaneously in one place, so that the viewer can see and feel the transformation of the same landscape. However, his desire was not given to come true – the wonderful works of their series “Poplars” scattered to various museums and collections. Today, you can compare works from the series only by collecting reproductions, or by embarking on a journey from New York to Tokyo.

With the change of light, Monet took a new canvas and began to write. Sometimes a certain state lasted no more than a dozen minutes, and the sun again changed position, forcing the master to take on a new picture. The next day, he simply changed already started canvases in accordance with the movement of the sun in the sky.

Claude Monet Poplar
The founder of such a “multi-machine” method, Monet pretty tormented in the process of creativity – the work required a fast pace and excellent coordination. Memories have been preserved that claim that the artist once threw canvas, brushes and paints into a river in rage and powerlessness. True, he soon cooled down and threw himself into the water in order to save at least the tools.

His work is clear evidence that the same plot can be presented in different ways – just change the surroundings, the light and you get a completely different story.Poplars at EptTo work on the series “Poplar”, the artist specially bought a small island Krapivny. Every day, the painter loaded thirty new canvases onto a cart and went to the point where the most convenient view opened up and could work there all day.