Woman in front of a mirror, Pablo Picasso – description of the painting

And the heroine Picasso is trying to make out this essence, carefully observing the reflection. A complex figure made up of geometric patterns and smooth, but elastic lines is completely refracted in the reflection of the smooth surface of the mirror, which is presented in the form of a kind of window into the inner world. The two-facedness of the heroine Picasso conveys in her face, half consisting of a crescent. It seems that Maria Theresa is surprised at what she sees – a bright spot on her forehead, a riot of colors in the background, a strange body.

Description of the picture:

The girl in front of the mirror is Pablo Picasso. 1932. Oil on canvas 162.3 x 130.2 cmThe metaphorical and mysterious painting “The Girl in the Mirror” is dedicated to Maria Theresa Voltaire, a special muse of the artist who inspired him to surreal experiments. The main leitmotif of the work is to search for ourselves, because We are not what we see in the mirror, but something completely different.

Discouraged, she tries to touch the mirror, holding out disproportionate jagged fingers to him. Probably, the belly of the heroine looks the most discouraging detail – and already not quite aesthetic, reflecting it turns into a sagging circle.

Picasso himself mentioned that he himself was also present in the picture, carefully watching his lover. Critics are inclined to believe that the author had in mind the patterns on the wallpaper resembling a Harlequin costume (as you know, Harlequin was his favorite character).

Bright, flashy colors, bizarre ornaments, straight lines are collected, thanks to the delicate taste of the painter, in a slender and relevant composition, which makes the viewer carefully examine it. This is the greatest, almost hypnotic, appeal of the works of maestro Picasso.

Like no other work, paintings depicting Maria Voltaire are of great interest – collectors around the world are ready to pay a tidy sum for them. “The Girl in the Mirror” belongs to the most famous and valuable of them.