Bogatyrsky gallop, Vasnetsov – description of the painting

The diagonal arrangement of the figure of a large black horse in a jump is emphasized by the lines of the spear and the direction of movement of the clouds. Such an artistic technique adds dynamics to the image. The steep neck of the horse, its head stubbornly inclined, the strong fit of the hero – all this is designed to demonstrate strength and the will to win.
The moment of the horse’s jump with the rider is captured on the canvas. To convey the active movement, a diagonal composition with a flow from below was used – it seems as if the viewer is looking at the hero from the bottom up. This creates an additional feeling of power and great physical strength.

Description of the picture:

Hero gallop – Viktor Mikhailovich Vasnetsov. 1914. Oil on canvas The plot of the picture is an image of an epic Russian hero in full military clothing, riding a powerful war horse.

To make the figure look even more impressive, it is depicted practically in a backlight, against a very bright sky. The black horse and rider in rich armor clearly loom against a light airy background. Their size and strength are emphasized by a low-lying horizon and miniature trees in the distance.

This picture is a vivid symbolic depiction of the strength and invincibility of the Russian people, which was intended to raise morale in wartime.