Picture Carpet-plane, V. Vasnetsov, 1880

Description of the picture:

Carpet-plane – Viktor Mikhailovich Vasnetsov. 1880. Oil on canvas. 165×297

Carpet – the dream of any child. So the artist contrasts the real world (ordinary, devoid of attractiveness and diversity) and the fairy-tale world (multicolor, bright, energetic). Carpet-plane with the hero is depicted against a white cloudy sky, which emphasizes the brightness and color of both the carpet itself and the clothes of the hero, and most importantly – the heat of the bird, shining like the sun itself.

He is calm and focused, ready for new trials and difficult tasks. Three owls accompany the flight – probably the messengers of Baba Yaga, the mistress of the carpet-plane. They indicate the way, and maybe look after the gift.

Unlike the hero on the carpet, the landscape in the picture is lifeless and dull: lazily flowing river, dark green banks, rare trees. In this fabulous subject lies the eternal desire of man to fly. In Vasnetsov’s painting, this magical object resembles a giant bird spreading its wings over vast expanses. On the carpet Ivan the hero with its prey – a cage with a Firebird. The hero confidently rests on Baba Yaga’s flying gift, clutching the cage tightly in his hands.